In today’s virtual world, the benefits of practicing yoga are so tangible, how could one not share such bliss?

Though a long-term IYENGAR Yoga practitioner, I find teaching as rewarding and beneficial.

Originally from Argentina, brought up the Italian way, and now based in London, I’ve grown up with a passion and curiosity for exploring new cultures, people and places, and I find great pleasure in helping others, and passing a conscious message across. These elements become noticeable on the mat, too. I have a witty sense of humour, which I love bringing into my classes!

My academic background as an early years Steiner teacher -and mum of a circus acrobat- has allowed me to produce very successful kids IYENGAR yoga sessions as well.

For my general yoga teaching, however, I address athletes who need that extra bit of stretching, recover from a previous injury or regain their normal range of motion, but, likewise, those who mostly work standing up all day or in front of a computer… IYENGAR Yoga Is For Everyone.

I have a lot to give and to pass on, and have chosen this discipline as a way to keep learning from everyone whose path may meet mine -whether a guru or a complete beginner.

I hope to see you on the mat soon!

IYENGAR Yoga Certification