"Words cannot convey the value of yoga - it has to be experienced" B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga is a comprehensive discipline that helps (re)gain suppleness, sensitivity and satisfaction. It sharpens our focus and balance, and improves our posture. Yoga can be practised by everybody, regardless of their age and level of flexibility. This ancient practice helps us conquer the difficulties of ordinary life, reduces pain and encourages an overall feeling of well-being.


Sports Yoga

Yoga for sports is a beneficial complement for anybody who plays or competes in sports, from elite athletes, to martial artists and gym regulars. It’s a well-known fact amongst world-class champions, such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, Serena Williams and Ryan Giggs, that a regular yoga practice as counterpart to their training provides agility, strength and focus. […]

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Kids Yoga

When children are wound up at a physical, mental or emotional level, they become less grounded. The feelings of anxiety, strain, or over-stimulation can (unconsciously) pull their energy levels up. Yoga’s grounding techniques teach us how to send our energy down, find balance and keep calm. Through yoga poses and educational games, I follow a […]

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Iyengar Yoga

In an Iyengar Yoga class, students are guided through a carefully paced programme of postures, where precision and alignment in their execution is key. The poses are held for a certain length of time to achieve maximum benefit, and props are used as required to achieve the most precise postural alignment. Breath control is gradually […]

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  • I would say that Rosana has an eye for detail and precision which will help you get the most benefit from any posture. She always puts a lot of time into preparing the classes and there is always something different and lots of variety from week to week. Like all the best teachers she is inspiring, has […]

    Lucy Beverley
  • Whenever I attend Rosana’s classes I leave with a body that feels alive and rejuvenated. I would recommend it for any one. Rosana is fantastic in explaining the detail of every pose, taking care of you and also inspiring you to improve and get better at it.

    Nora Sorenson

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